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"The Shells"

How to play

This game contains two game modes. In both, the goal of the game is to swap shells in order to make matches and score points. Click on two adjacent shells, or drag from one to the other, in order to make a swap.


Russian for "Balloons", Shariki is the original "match-three" puzzle game.
Make a row or column of 3+ shells to clear them and score points.
Each swap must make a match, or it is not allowed.


Russian for "Bombs", Bombi is a new puzzle game.
Arrange shells of the same color into a 2x2 square in order to create a bomb.
When the bomb's timer reaches zero, it will destroy nearby shells of the same color, and bombs of any color.
The numbers on each shell signify two things:
  • A bomb's timer is the sum of the numbers on the shells that created it.
  • A bomb's blast radius is the lowest number on the shells that created it.
Any two shells may be swapped.
Click on a bomb to see its blast radius.


Rakushki was created by the Oswego CSC380 team, IRONKLADD. KLADD is an abbreviation for the team's members: Kenny Roffo, Hsueh Kuan Lu, Alexander Jansing, Dean Tupper, and Daniel Wysocki.

The game logo was contributed by Brandon Caruso.

The game was written in JavaScript using StageJS as the graphics engine.